About us:

We have been in the Machine Tools business for more than 15 years, selling Used Machines catering mainly to the Metal Cutting and Forming Industries from Europe & USA and New Machines from China.


Our Speciality:

Our speciality has been sourcing Heavy Duty Machine Tools from our Partners in Europe and USA. Many a time, we source these machines directly from the Factories. This works to the advantage of our Customers, who can see such machines under power, thereby assessing their quality, capabilities and accuracies.


Main categories of machines - CNC & Conventional type:

(b) New machines

We have been successful in sourcing very reliable machines from China for Forging Applications. The Machines include:

1. Ring Rolling Machines: Radial (150mm to 900mm) & Radial – Axial Types, Conventional and CNC (900mm to 6000mm),
2. Hydraulic Presses,
3. Manipulators, Tyre and Rail Mounted

The Machines come with Warranty, effective After Sales and Spare Parts Service giving an assurance to all our Clients for reliability and back-up.